It’s Official…

21 Aug
  • A group of soon-to-be PC Ukraine group 37 Volunteers are meeting in the Ukrainian village in Chicago this weekend for the Ukrainian Independence Celebration.  I absolutely cannot wait to meet them! [After which I will be stopping in the Swedish district at the AH-mazing bakery and picking up some goodies for my family.]
  • Summer and I are running a marathon when I get back from the Peace Corps.  I found a training program, and even if I stretch out each of the training steps from one week to three (ie instead of running 15 miles a week, then the next week running 18-19 … I would run 15 mi/week for three weeks to acclimate before bumping up to 18) it would only take me 15 months leaving an entire year to just work on speed.  Maybe she won’t leave me in her dust trail after all :)

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