“Fill me up, fill me up I’m a long way from home”

3 Nov

Laconically, how you know we’ve reached week six of training:

  • I am not phased by my second bout of food poisoning.
  • Two shots in my rear and I took them like a good little soldier.
  • Night falls at 5 pm.
  • Studying burnout is in full gear.
  • I miss fleece blankets so much even a snuggie sounds appealing.
  • Cuddle withdrawal is getting unmanageable.  I took for granted the American lack of boundaries and my movie night/cuddle dates with friends and sorority sisters.
  • The metric system is starting to make sense.
  • I’ve stopped arguing with the idea that eating more garlic and onion will protect me from getting the swine flu.
  • I have worn flats four times since my arrival.  Three of those times were on runs.
  • My English grammar is possibly going downhill.
  • Certain Ukrainian words have become second nature, such as; можліво, нормально, пока, я не знаю

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