“I see our time expand in the air almost forcibly”

19 Jan

Kari and I have frequently discussed the pace our Peace Corps time is going to adopt.  The discussion usually went as follows – Kari would suggest that it would fly, I would suggest that summers would fly while the school year would drag.  When I called her crazy, she would carefully break down our service for me: one semester of figuring out your role within your new site, three months of working camps and traveling in summer, a full semester of teaching, winter holidays, then it will already be time for grad school applications and beginning close of service paperwork in the middle of our final full semester teaching before we slide into another whirlwind summer, and our final semester that we will leave before finishing (that is, if we don’t decide to extend our service time).  It all sounded packaged and shiny to me, but day-to-day I had a hard time imagining her timeline’s reality.

Here I am a month into being at my site, about four months into my entire service.  Already.

I’ve listening to this song in my iTunes several times over the last month; it’s becoming increasingly reflective of my Peace Corps time.  Tomorrow classes start on a regular basis which inevitably means I slip into the numbness of routine, whether I fight against it or not.  New projects, group meetings, and city trips aside, it might be month six of my time in Ukraine before I jolt awake and look up from my school books!

Dear Kari,

You were right, homie.

Love, Linnea


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