“Following close but nearly twice as slow”

20 Jan

The long awaited moment has arrived – I finally have a mailing address!  *Remember to write my address in both English and Ukrainian so that it can get through both postal services.  It is suggested you use USPS to send packages because it’s the most secure service.

Linnea Zielinski
Drohobych Pedagogical Lyceum
Ivana Franka, 36.
m. Drohobych
Lvivska oblast

Лінея Зелинські
Дрогобич Педагігний Ліцей
вул. Івана Франка, 36
м. Дрогобич
Лвівська обл.

My first real day at Drohobych Pedagogical Lyceum was glorious in a way that cannot be undermined by even the massive spill I took in the middle of the ice paved street walking home.  While I nurse my legs and back maybe I’ll find the time to post recent adventures here for you to enjoy.

*Music: “Postcards from Italy” -Beruit


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