“I’ll roll my eyes, turn a cold shoulder to these even colder skies”

21 Jan

“Do you have a ruble?” or, Recent Adventures #1;

Wandering through the Christmas villages that dot the Lviv layout for three weekends in a row was sufficient to convince me I should try the гаряче вино (hot, spiced wine) featured at almost every booth.  I have to admit that though the smell of cinnamon was part of the allure (a thing I’ve been missing for four months now), I was also enticed by the possibility of toasty fingers while we wandered through the cobblestone paved alleyways.  Curiosity finally got the best of me this past weekend after Kari and I braved the icy streets after enjoying a thoroughly American dinner of four cheese pizza (featuring feta!) and beer.  Streets all the colder for our time spent in the basement of the toasty restaurant, I started prodding Kari about the prospect of the spicy drink shortly after we strolled into the Плоша Рінок (Plosha Rinok).  Likely as cinnamon deprived as me (though she was smart enough to pack some in her suitcase), Kari acceded to my entreaties.

Being accosted by a man in search of a ruble (which, just to clarify, is not the currency of Ukraine) failed to dampen our excitement, though he came close when he decided attempting to take our wine was a sufficient substitute for finding a ruble.  Lacking the Christmas spirit their job would seem to entail, the booth worker shooed him away, informing him as well as the rest of the street that Kari couldn’t speak Ukrainian, though she had just ordered our drinks in Ukrainian while I continued to snicker about the ruble.

Retreating from the crowd to stand and sip our wine (walking on ice while carrying a scalding liquid being a skill neither of us have yet developed), we simultaneously wondered aloud why did we think we could each finish an entire cup of this?  From memory I’d say it was less spice and more booze than the Swedish glugg I was hoping it would emulate.  Though I consumed a mere fourth of that little plastic cup (a generous estimation), the cheerfully warm fingers and stomach were well worth the hryven’…or do I mean rubles?

*please take a moment to note the hair length, one of the many things I’m excited about these days.

*Music: “In Like a Lion (Always Winter)” -Relient K


One Response to ““I’ll roll my eyes, turn a cold shoulder to these even colder skies””

  1. paige 10 February, 2010 at 13:26 #

    I love your adventures :-D

    and your hair length is beautiful. I’m growing mine too, however, it is much shorter than yours considering how much I chopped off last time. ^ ^


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