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“anywhere i go you go, my dear”

30 Mar

Oh, the glory of getting care packages.  Specifically, the ones that hold such delicious surprises as American snacks.  Despite having a deep appreciation for the chemical, preservative, unidentified substance-free food I eat 24/7, a little taste of something American (syrup and fat laden though it may be), never fails to inundate me with nostalgia.

Just as nostalgia makes you idealize the past, geographical and temporal distance from certain foods make them far more appealing than you actually find them.  Digging into my newly acquired peanut butter expecting a savory treat, I found it shockingly saccharine.  Consequently, this PB will be going toward making peanut butter cups rather than sandwiches.

Delicious as Ukrainian cookies and candies may be, they are primarily chocolate based, which always makes me miss my favorite American candy – Twizzlers.  I’ve seen such brands as Mounds, Snickers, Twix, and Milky Way in my grocery store, but as you will likely notice, only the chocolate candies have taken root here.  I decided to share the happiness of care packages with the other PCV in town by presenting him with some of these amazing candies – too bad he doesn’t like them – more for me next time someone sends them!

I knew I was going to be technologically behind when I returned to the US after my service, but I started worrying about how behind I am going to be if “Tweet Me” is already an acceptable and mass produced candy heart phrase.  It’s a little unnerving to me that “Tweet Me” could be thought analogous to “Hug Me” on a romantic holiday.

There was, however, one candy heart message that never goes out of style.  So, thank you for the amazing care package(s) mom and dad [and everyone that has sent me equally amazing surprises], and I miss you;

poem: “i carry your heart with me” -ee cummings*

*This week in Ukraine in preparation for Easter, it is tradition not only to avoid all fighting, but also to refrain from singing or listening to loud music.  Though I have been listening to music, I thought I could at least give a tip of the hat to the culture by entitling my blog entry after a poem rather than a song.


“comic and awkward grace, in a picture, on the table”

9 Mar

While I concentrate any and all writing skill I possess on what I hope to be a moving, persuasive, and unforgettable letter to a grant foundation in the hopes of obtaining much deserved support for a local NGO, enjoy a picture update.

The lifestyle in Ukraine being more active than that in America, I can enjoy such a weekend splurge meal in L’viv; 100 g картопля фрі and regular soda.

One of the many reasons I love fellow PCV, Linda, is the espresso maker she passed along to me on a Sunday that felt particularly akin to Christmas.  (I have no qualms bragging that I light the above pictured gas stove like a professional).

The layers of clothing necessary to feel only moderately chilly in my house – tights, silk lined dress pants, short sleeved turtleneck, long-sleeve wool sweater.  Oh, March.

Happy (belated) Women’s Day.  The student I was warned about as being a chit has earned a permanent spot in my heart; not only does she beam at me every time I see her, she left gorgeous tulips for me in honor of this holiday yet snubbed by America.

*Music: “A Bird Flies Out” -The Weepies

“it would be so fine to see your face at my door”

3 Mar

Happy Birthday, Mom!

sorry this is a day late.

i listened to carole king and mary chapin carpenter yesterday, thought of you, and wished i could be home to celebrate with you.

Love, Bunny

*Music: “So Far Away” -Carole King