“comic and awkward grace, in a picture, on the table”

9 Mar

While I concentrate any and all writing skill I possess on what I hope to be a moving, persuasive, and unforgettable letter to a grant foundation in the hopes of obtaining much deserved support for a local NGO, enjoy a picture update.

The lifestyle in Ukraine being more active than that in America, I can enjoy such a weekend splurge meal in L’viv; 100 g картопля фрі and regular soda.

One of the many reasons I love fellow PCV, Linda, is the espresso maker she passed along to me on a Sunday that felt particularly akin to Christmas.  (I have no qualms bragging that I light the above pictured gas stove like a professional).

The layers of clothing necessary to feel only moderately chilly in my house – tights, silk lined dress pants, short sleeved turtleneck, long-sleeve wool sweater.  Oh, March.

Happy (belated) Women’s Day.  The student I was warned about as being a chit has earned a permanent spot in my heart; not only does she beam at me every time I see her, she left gorgeous tulips for me in honor of this holiday yet snubbed by America.

*Music: “A Bird Flies Out” -The Weepies


One Response to ““comic and awkward grace, in a picture, on the table””

  1. Kati 18 March, 2010 at 19:31 #

    You’re so pretty! And yay for beautiful tulips on Women’s Day. Isn’t it fun to find out about new holidays that apparently everyone else celebrates except the US?

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