“you know I’ll fall for each and every pretty word”

25 May

A brief account of a moment that has brightened recent saturnine days;

Studying my students to ensure they were actually watching the movie I was playing to bolster their lagging energy the last few minutes of class one day last week, a sudden torrent of “What’s shakin’ baby!” burst out in my classroom.  Parroting occasional lines from “Coraline,” my class picked this particular one up with fervor.  Slang is, unfortunately, rendered meaningless when subjected to the word-for-word translation with which my students like to be supplied.  Grasping for meaning, they worked through the slang by searching for words they knew in English.  From this farrago of UkrainianslangEnglish came a cry of, “Shake the baby!” to which, after a snort into my coffee cup, I quickly put an end.

*Music: “Swallow People Whole” -The Receiving End of Sirens


One Response to ““you know I’ll fall for each and every pretty word””

  1. jndanley 26 May, 2010 at 02:21 #

    omygod (said in the ukrainian way). wonderful :D i want to keep a blog strictly for the ukrainglish i hear every day. my favorite so far- “salad tenderness.” bahahaha.

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