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“somewhere in the rush i felt, we’re losing ourselves”

31 Aug

 Since October 1, 2009

1: times I’ve checked my iCal since March

2: jars of peanut butter consumed

3: average cups of coffee I drink per day

4: number of New Years resolutions I’ve completed

8: approximate number of hryven in a dollar

9: number of New Years resolutions I made

11: times I’ve fallen on ice

13: pounds I would tentatively guess that I’ve lost

15.5: working weeks of this coming semester

44: novels I’ve finished

48.76: pages I averaged reading each day

65: the price of a hair appointment for me in hryven

100: my general pages read goal per day

120: the cost of the most expensive item I’ve let myself buy in hryven

334: days that have passed

16,286: pages I’ve read


1: day until school starts

2: number of cookies I’ve eaten today

3: books I’m currently reading

4: the highest number of overnight trains I’ve taken in a week

4:11: time into the song I paused

4.50: the price of tomatoes per kilogram at the bazaar

8: possibilities I’m considering for what to do after Peace Corps

9: hours it takes to get from L’viv to Kyiv by train

10.97: months I’ve been in Ukraine

68: temp (F) it has felt like here the past three days

180: minutes I spend worrying in a day

*Music: “Days Go By” -Keith Urban