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“when i feel this way i really am with you”

23 Sep

Idly swinging my bag from the grocery store as I walked back home this afternoon, I was lackadaisically looking for the dogs that live along the road I always take.  I’ve come to know exactly which dog belongs to which house as well as Drohobych’s stray dogs and their haunts.  Not far from my house there’s a cocker spaniel with a sweet countenance and a propensity to approach strangers with a wagging tail.  I habitually look to see if this dog is out because, though I haven’t had the nerve to go pet it fearing being viewed as the weird foreigner that goes around loving on other people’s dogs, my longing for a pet is extreme at this point.  As much as I’m drawn to this sweet-faced spaniel, I’m equally circumspect around grizzled looking older men, particularly the ones whose walk is equivocally that of a drunk.  Just such a person was walking along the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street this afternoon; I didn’t think much about it as my mind wandered, until my glance landed on my favorite dog on the sidewalk a few feet ahead of this stooped, limping man.  As I admired the dog I long to pet, this haggard man came to a stop, bent down, and gently stroked the dog’s face before lightly touching his forehead to that of the dog and continuing on his way.  It was the absolute last thing I expected, and despite my momentum, I had to slow for a couple seconds to absorb the contrastive yet revealing tête-à-tête.

*Music: “Over and Over” -Hot Chip