Meet Me

It was a crazy journey going from the runways of New York to the classrooms of Ukraine.  After my fashion internships in New York, I decided to join the Peace Corps.  I left for staging September 27th and will be functioned as a Secondary Education TEFL Volunteer in Ukraine until December 2011.  My older entries deal with fathoming all I missed during my Peace Corps service as well as the small victories throughout my two years.  You can read through the ins and outs of formal and informal training as well as my obstacles and accomplishments as a Peace Corps Volunteer.*

I’ve been back only a few short months and am dealing with the joy and disillusionment of reentry into a culture with which I’ve become unfamiliar, having idealized it for so long.  Peace Corps service gave me a new outlook on what it means to live, to be a global citizen, and to be myself.  While waiting to pursue a career in publishing, I’m treading water working two part-time office jobs and refocusing on my health.  I’m battling my wanderlust, trying a mini-meal lifestyle of (yikes) seven meals a day, searching for my love of running I lost somewhere on my trip back home, and simplifying my life starting with my room.  My blog will be random, one might say trite, but this is life after Peace Corps.

  • DePauw University alum
  • English Literature major
  • Joseph Conrad fanatic
  • swimmer turned runner
  • mascara addict
  • photography wanna-be
  • pretzel junkie
  • Delta Gamma sister
  • extreme sports enthusiast
  • part-time fashionista
  • tree climber extraordinaire
  • retired flutist
  • charity:water follower
  • collector of perfumes
  • insatiably curious student
  • blossoming vegetarian

*The observations and opinions expressed in this blog in no way reflect those of the United States government or U.S. Peace Corps.  They are my own personal observations and experiences.


One Response to “Meet Me”

  1. kathy mcbride 19 October, 2009 at 13:44 #

    Your blog is great! Keep us all posted girl!!!!

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